Culture for Development

MG_54701Culture is the Islamic Culture Foundation’s main value, defining all its actions and tools in its search for dialogue and development. Research, knowledge and cultural information facilitate the understanding between Muslim-majority countries and Western countries, promoting tolerance and intercultural harmony in a social environment that is becoming more and more global and diverse. Thus, culture is considered an essential part of education. Likewise, sustainability is not possible without a cultural approach. Culture, which is intrinsically linked to identity, allows improvement and development in the long term.

Awareness Actions

Joueuse-de-neyFUNCI encourages raising cultural awareness actions oriented towards a general public, providing academic knowledge on the Islamic culture and civilization, and its link with Spain and Europe. In order to do so, it implements a multidisciplinary perspective which includes art, science, literature and philosophy, as well as the popular traditions that are part of our heritage and which are linked to agriculture, culinary art, arts and crafts, festivities and a philosophy towards life. All of these aspects are essential to understand the identity and the soul of cultures.

The line of cultural action and sustainability includes all cultural dissemination actions: exhibitions, conferences, courses, concerts, publications, among others. Nevertheless, the other two lines of action include, as well, a cultural approach towards all its actions, and promote comprehensive and culturally respectful development proposals.


The exhibitions, permanent or temporary, are one of the main activities of FUNCI in order to spread knowledge and practice cultural dissemination, with the aim of inform and facilitate a better intercultural understanding.

Al-Andalus, a Culture of Water

Qalam, Words of Art

The Cultural Colors of Morocco

The Andalusian Garden

Islam, Heritage for All

The Science in Al-Andalus

The Perfumes of Al-Andalus

International Encounters

Instead the numerous international symposiums and encounters on different issues, the Islamic Culture Foundation organizes conferences, lectures and round tables about different matters related with Islamic Culture. Those are some fo the main ones:

Presentation fo the COP22’s Summit of Conscience

FUNCI presents its ‘Islamophobia in Spain. National Report 2015’

Almunias of the Islamic West, Rest and Production

First Med-O-Med Seminary

Contributions of the Islamic Civilisation to the European Culture

Aragón lives its History

Al-Andalus, eight Centuries of History

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