Happy Great Feast 1438/2017

»“Beyond the sacrifice of the lamb, the Aid al-Adha reminds us that the real sacrifice is the eradication of all […]

Mokhtar Film Festival 2017

»The 2017 call for the Mokhtar Film Festival has been launched. This Festival is a short film competition that focuses […]

Eid Mubarak Said

»FUNCI team wish you a joyful and peaceful end of Ramadan feast 2017 with your families. Hopefully, this period of […]

Mayrit, bridge for peace, a new FUNCI’s project

»FUNCI, along with Madrid’s city council, is launching a project to recover the heritage and historical legacy of Madrid’s Medieval […]

Prophet Mohammed’s letters that were sent to rulers

»Prophet Mohammed, peace and prayer be upon him, sent several letters to kings and rulers outside the Arabian Peninsula to […]

FUNCI has participated at the “World Forum on Urban Violence”

»The Islamic Culture Foundation (FUNCI) has participated at the “World Forum on Urban Violence and Education for Coexistence and Peace”, […]

The virtual reconstructions directed by Antonio Almagro, in open access

»The videos produced by LAAC under the direction of Dr. Antonio Almagro, a collaborator of FUNCI, have just been made […]

Happy 2017

»Feliz 2017We wish you a happy, peaceful and free 2017

Socotra, island of mysteries

»Jordi Esteva’s black and white photos show the enigmas of Socotra that wander through his mind with a dreamlike quality. […]

The Mawlid Celebration (1438 – 2016)

»During these days, a big part of the Muslim world will celebrate the Mawlid or birth of the Prophet (pbuh). […]

Appel du Sommet des Consciences de la COP22

»La FUNCI a participé aux travaux menés dans le cadre du Sommet des Consciences de la COP22 de Marrakech. Il […]

Welcome to the solidary bazar 2016 of Rabat

»As every year, we will be present in the International Solidary Bazar of Rabat organised by the Diplomatic Circle, with […]

“Los colores culturales de Marruecos” has been republished

»The Spanish Agency for International Cooperation (AECID) has republished “Los colores culturales de Marruecos” (The Cultural Colours of Morocco). Edited […]

The Twistislamophobia contest has its winners!

»After a month of contest, whose goal was to reflect different situations of islamophobia or cohabitation with the Muslim population […]

FUNCI at Expo Halal 2016

»Expo Halal took place in Madrid in November 11th and 12th, 2016. During these two days, Expo Halal gathered a […]

Differences add up

»This video, produced by the journalist Javier López-Astilleros, collaborator of the Islamic Culture Foundation, reflects on the importance of the historical […]

FUNCI signs an agreement with the Three Cultures Foundation

»Last Thursday, September 22nd, the Islamic Culture Foundation’s Secretary General, Encarna Gutiérrez, signed a collaboration agreement with José Manuel Cervera, […]

First Contest “Twistislamophobia

»Imagen concurso_2In the last years, Islamophobia has increased rapidly, driven by tragic international events that have allowed several political movements and […]

Être algérien, ça veut dire quoi?

»Tu es Algérien quand tu te crois plus intelligent que tout le monde, plus professionnel que Capello, plus beau que […]

Great women in Islamic History: a forgotten legacy

»Islam placed paradise under the feet of women when they became mothers; they became the reason why fathers would enter […]
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